Your Support Makes This Campaign Possible

Thank you for your interest in supporting Team USA One. Our campaign is taking us around the world to Australia, through Europe, up and down the Eastern Atlantic United States, and to the shores of Rio for the 2016 Paralympic Games. In addition to our own travel and living expenses, we often must support a coach, transportation costs for the Sonar and coachboat, regatta entry fees, and many new sets of sails. Through generous support of our local yacht clubs, fellow sailors, and our friends and families, we are able to pursue our goal of competing at the highest level of our sport.


Donate Your Time, Airline Miles, or Spare Bedroom

If you would like to offer your support another way, we are always on the lookout for extra frequent flyer miles and hotel points, a place to stay during training or competition, or even an empty hitch going north or south on I-95. Contact Hugh Freund at to make arrangements.

Make a Tax-deductible Donation by Mail

The Windmark Sailing Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that helps us facilitate cash donations. Donations through Windmark are eligible for a 1:1 match.

To make a tax-deductible donation, please write a check payable to: Windmark Sailing Foundation

In the memo line, write: Supporting Team USA One

Mail checks to: Windmark Sailing Foundation, 1 Adams Ave. Bayville, NY 11709  Attn: John Taylor

Support The Team

From January through August the team will hold six training camps and compete in five major regattas for a total of 94 days leading up to the Paralympic Games. Many of our foreign competitors are professional sailors with budgets two to four times ours. While we get some support as members of the US Sailing Team Sperry, the bulk of our budget is left to us to fund.

  • Flights: $17,150
  • Housing: $20,800
  • Food: $12,690

Support Boat Preparation

We have two boats that travel around with us - one that goes abroad for events and the other stays on the US Atlantic coast for training and domestic events. All that time on the water takes a toll on our sails, lines, and deck hardware. There is nothing worse than arriving at a major regatta only to have something break the first day, so we keep our kits stocked with spares of everything and do daily inspections of all essential equipment.

  • Transportation: $4,215
  • Sail Budget: $4,120
  • Boat Optimization: $10,000
  • Spare Parts: $5,000

Support Coaching

Every top team has a great coach. Mike Ingham has decades of experience winning in everything from the Olympic Tornado to the stalwart J24. As a team under his guidance we sail more consistently at a high level than ever before.

  • Coaching fees: $25,480
  • Coachboat charter/fuel: $7740
  • Flights: $6,400